İsalı Mahallesi, İsalı Sokak No:15 Göreme - Cappadocia


Cappadocia Outdoor Activities

Cappadocia is an amazing region of Turkey – with its moonscapes, fairy chimneys, rock-hewn churches and underground cities you will fınd that even a week is not long enough– we believe that a lıfetime is not enough!

You can discover these hidden gems on foot through the many hiking trails, on a mountain bike through the astounding valleys, on horseback, hire a scooter or ATV, take a tour with a professional guide who will make sure you do not miss any of the hidden churches and caves. Or why not sail across this beauiful landscape in a hot air balloon as the sun rises over the tapestry of the valleys and villages below – an experience not to be missed!

Ramazan knows the area like the back of his hand sınce he was born and brought up here and is always happy to give you advice on itinerary-planning or sights to see. He can help you with all aspects of your stay – don’t hesitate to ask.

Hot air Balloon

Cappadocia has unreal amazing landscape which makes Balloon flights one of worlds the top 3. 

South Cappadocia (Green Toour)

South Cappadocia tour also known as Green tour at Lonely Planet’s recommendations.

North Cappadocia (Red Tour)

North Cappadocia tour also known as Red tour at Lonely Planet’s recommendations.

Horseback Riding Tours

Cappadocia, known as the “Land of Beautiful Horses” is the ideal place to explore on horseback.

Cappadocia Quad Safari

A great way to get right into the Cappadocia Valley!

Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes ceremonies start at 21:00 every night.